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Unit Information
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Content Map: Classification Content Map
CRCT Weight: N/A (Imbedded in Characteristics of Science Standards tested through content)
CRCT Domain: N/A (Imbedded in Characteristics of Science Standards tested through content)
Unit Standards:
  • S7L1a. Demonstrate the process for the development of a dichotomous key
  • S7L1b. Classify organisms based on physical characteristics using a dichotomous key of the six kingdom system (archaebacteria, eubacteria, protists, fungi, plants, and animals)
Content Descriptors: N/A (Imbedded in Characteristics of Science Standards)
Prerequisite/Elementary Standards: Elementary Classification Standards
Unit Length: Estimated @ 12 days
State Frameworks:
Resources by Essential Question (click on an essential question):


EQ 1: How do scientists classify living organisms? (S7L1a-b)                       Back To Top
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Summarizing Strategies:
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